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Rupali Shrivastava

D/o Shri Brijbihari lal Shrivastava
W/o Shri Sangharsh Shrivastava
Education :- M.A.(Hindi) Jyotish Vidhya Visharad, Vastu Shastracharya
Birth : - 20 January

        I Rupali Shrivastava first cell numerologist of the world, Vastu Visharad Astrologer and Numerologist.
       It has been 17 years working in this field. I realized that vastu and fengshui products were not easily availed, suggested by me or other experts. Now a day’s people are favoring and showing interest in vastu, Feng shui astrology crystal therapy mirror therapy and pyramids. I felt need of peple and established an institution where people can get vastu Feng Shui, rudraksha, crystal astrology product jewels, pyramids, fountain, temple etc. under one roof  they can be guided for maximum benefits of these products and can spread positive vibration by giving these products to their friends and relatives.

Reward & Recognition:-

  • Women Recognition Award ADMIRABLE QUEEN – Raipur (95 FM Tadka 2019)
  • Women Recognition Award- Raipur (95 FM Tadka 2018)
  • Entrepreneur & Excellence Awards –Raipur (My Fm 2017)
  • Most Trusted Astrologer in M.P & C.G- Raipur (Z tv 2017)
  • Tejshavni Samman- Bhopal (IBC24 2016)
  • Jyotish Vidhya Visharad - Jodpur(2016)
  • Jyotish Martand.- Jodpur (2016)
  • Vastu Shastracharya- Jodpur (2016)
  • Vastu Martand -Jodpur (2015)
  • Vastu Vidhya Visharad Jodpur (2014)
  • Best cell Phone Numerology (2012)
  • 21 st Century Best Cell Numerology- Delhi (2012)
  • Swarg Kismat –Mumbai (2011)
  • Magical Numerological Discovery of India -Hyderabad (2011)
  • As a Rashtrapati Guide. (1991)
  • As a Governor’s Guide (1990)
Programs :-

  1. Youtube Channel – Astrosolution point & Rupali Shrivastav 1000+ Video
  2. Facebook Live- Cell Numerology Show, 2time in a week
  3. The Cell Numerology Show, IBC 24
  4. Subhasth Shghram ,My FM
  5. The Cell Numerology Show ,Tadka FM
  6. Kismat Connection, Radio Rangala FM

Simmers :-

  1. Psychic fir World Tread centre, Mumbai organized by (Times of India Mumbai)
  2. Times Health Show, at WTC Hall Mumbai organized by (Times of India Mumbai
  3. Swarg-kismat, organized by channel partner Zee tv (Zee24 tash) radio partner big fm outdoor partner bright outdoor media pvt.ltd.
  4. Subhasth Shghram Hotal Fortune Land Mark Associated by IBC24,& Danik Bhaskar, My FM (Indore)

Astro Solution Point

     Astro solution point was established in Raipur Chhattisgarh on 4th May 2012 and after getting our whelming response within 2 years of our start we settled one more branch of this institution in Bilaspur Chhattisgarh.
     Apart from Chhattisgarh we sustained good response from Bhopal, Indore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi so we exhibited astrological, vastu and Feng Shui products in these cities. Astro solution is a unique and only institution of Central India that has received many awards for its prestigious work. It is an ISO certified institution.

      We have 25 and 18 trained members in Raipur and Bilaspur branch respectively. We guide people for locating Feng Shui and vastu products to get best result and converting negative vibrations into positive our institution is facilitated with architects and civil engineers who resorts people for map designing and constructing their home.

      We are planning to open more branches UN Indore and Jaipur. we aim to help people to puzzle out their problems and we facilitate this with honesty and efficiency trust and attachment of people is proving that they have faith in us we would like to assist people in future with same zeal and positive feelings which will help us to move forward because perfect guidance can change your life perfect guidance can change your life.



1. Rupali Shrivastava & Astro Solution Point suggest unique survival measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day to day life. It gives instant effective remedies in solution all kinds of human troubles and tension without inflicting  harm to anybody. Providing the solution of the most complex problems of your  life and have miraculous solutions with the help of the divine.

2. At the time of our birth there is a particular position of various planets in the zodiac .A map of this location of various planets in the zodiac at the time of our birth made by an astrologer and is known as a Natal Chart of Janam  Kundli. Once a natal chart has been prepared depending upon our day, date, time and place of birth, it is studied in depth with the help of various tools of  Vedic Astrology and a complete horoscope is made which also includes the Dasha in which we are born and it's residula.

3. Please note that an astrological prediction is just an opinion of the astrologer on the basis of the tenets of Lal Kitab and has no scientific authenticity. These predictions are based upon the characteristics, placements, aspects, associations, strengths, weaknesses of the planets and the ability, command over the astrology subject and experience and competence of the astrologer in the Indian Vedic astrology

4.Recommendation for astrological remedies such as gemstones, mantras, yantras etc, are often prescribed after a diligent study of the client's birth chart and with due exercise of his prudence and judgment. It must be clearly understood that every such prescription is accomplained by prescribed method and procedure ,which is expected to be followed by our clients with due diligence. Rupali Shrivastava &Astro Solution Point andis not responsible for any claims for negative functioning of any prescription of astrological remedy provided. The remedies you receive should not be used as a substitute for advice, programs or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist or financial advisor.

5. The spiritual and material benefits stated with respect to various astrological forecasts, Mantras,Yantras, Pujas, Rudrakshas or any other spiritual items as well as other products and services are as per the ancient Indian Scriptures and literature. However as the social-economic and religious circumstances have changed a lot since then, neither can be held responsible for non functioning for non functioning or non fructification of the stated results.

6. Rupali Shrivastava & Astro Solution Point makes no guarantees for representations vis-a vis the accuracy or consequence of any aspect of the astrological remedy and predictive advice imparted and cannot be held accountable for any interpretation, action, or use that may be made because of information given.

7. Rupali Shrivastava & Astro Solution Point ensures complete confidentiality of the customer's identity, birth details and the prediction details. Rupali Shrivastava &Astro Solution Point further ensures that no use will be made of the information that may come to the knowledge of the management of the site or  revealed in the horoscope of the customer. Such information will only be used to communicate to the customer or will be retained in the databankfor referencing purpose if you may need to consult in future.

8. Any type of Legal Claim shall be limited to any amounts you may have paid to Rupali Shrivastava & Astro Solution Point shall have no other liability except to the extent permitted by applicable Law, in no event will Rupali Shrivastava & Astro Solution Point be liable for any indirect, consequential, incidental, special, multiple, punitive or similar damages.

9. Rupali Shrivastava & Astro Solution Point reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete portions of  the Terms of Use at anytime. You continued use following any changes in the indicates your acceptance of these changes.

10. l agreed with All Terms & Conditions.

11. All disputes are subject to Raipuriurisdiction only.

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